Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Tugas Listening

A bank is an institution with a two fold function. First, it keep people money safe and readily avaible. In this way it functiona as a saving bank. Secondly, it lends money to people who need it. It is also, therefore a money lender.
Anyone can go to any bank and deposit money. That is, ask the bank to look after it. He becomes the customer of the bank, when he deposits money, we say he opens a bank account. There are two types of bank account. The first is a current account, when a customer deposits money in the safe keeping of the bank, he can at anytime claim the repayment of the money, in part or in whole, by means of a written order to the bank signed by himself. Such an order is called a cheque. The second kind of account is the deposits account. When the bank receives money on deposits, the customer can demand its return at the end of agreed term of notice of withdrawal a month, three months, six months or a year. The bank pays interest on money deposits accounts.
Just as they receive deposits from this customers, so the bank lend money to their customers. A person who wants to borrow money has to give the bank something as security, when a customer has a bank loan, the bank charges him interest on the money he has borrowed. The bank doesn’t always give the borrower actual money.
1. What do you call a person who deposits his money in bank.....
a. A banker
b. A customer
c. A cheque owner
d. A money lender
e. A money charger

Answer : B

2. A customer who has current account can withdraw his money by.....
a. Means of cheque
b. Opening in account
c. Showing his bank
d. Showing his identity card
e. Writing a letter to the bank

Answer : A

3. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
a. Banks as money lender
b. How to deposit money
c. Bank as saving banks
d. How to borrow money from a bank
e. How interest is charger is charger on the borrower

Answer : D

4. Just a s they receive deposits from their customer, so the banks lend money to their customer (par 3)
The word “ they” refers to....
a. Banks
b. Customers
c. Borrowers
d. Money lenders
e. Deposits account

Answer : A

5. Someone who wishes to borrow money from a bank should give the bank something as.........
a. Loan
b. Shares
c. Deposits
d. Interest
e. Security

Answer : E

6. What does the bank charge someone who borrows some money from the bank?
a. Pay interset on the money he borrows
b. Increase the money he borrows
c. Deposits some money
d. Withdraw some money
e. Decrease the money he borrows

Answer : A

7. Which sentences is true according to the text ?
a. The bank pays nothing on the money we deposit
b. The bank can also function as a money lender
c. The banks don’t charge you interest for the money you borrowed
d. At the end of an agreed term, the bank will not return your money
e. A customer does not have to sign acheque

Answer : B

8. What do you call people who have checks..
a. A banker
b. A customer
c. An owner of a check
d. A loan money
e. Money charger

Answer : C

9. Other functions in addition to the bank is a place to store money..
a. Places to save money
b. Places to borrow money
c. Place pawnshop
d. Place pay interest
e. Places to buy shares

Answer : B

10. What is the main idea of paragraphs one?
a. Bank as a money lender
b. How to save money
c. Bank as a bank savings
d. How to borrow money from banks
e. The primary function of banks

Answer : E

Kamis, 03 Maret 2011


1. “Will you come to the meeting ?”
“If you come, I …..”
a) come b) will c) do d) am
Answer: b) will

2. “If you took the clothes to the laundry now, they….
a) has washed b) has been washed c) would be washed d) will be washed
Answer: c) would be washed

3. “Your drawing was very good”
“ I could have done better. If I …more time.”
a) have had b) had c) had had d) will have had
Answer: c) had had

4. Lily: “Are you sure that you’ll get the position ?
Vira: Unless my application …. I’ll get it
a) rejects b) rejected c) is rejected d) has rejected
Answer: c) is rejected

5. Rahma: I’ve passed my written test . What’s coming next ?
Leo : Next you …. by the manager.
a) will interview b) will be interviewed
c) will be interviewing d) will have interviewing
Answer: b) will be interviewed

6. Hanifah: Why aren’t you driving your car today ?
Arief : ……
a) it’s repaired b) it will be repaired
c) it has been repaird d) it’s being repaired
Answer: it’s being repaired
7. The seminar is officially opened by the Governon at 10.00 am. The Governon :”….
a) good morning b) good evening c) good afternoon d) good night
Answer: a) good morning

8. Rahma meets Joni, his old friend. At the cinema.
Rahma: Fancy meeting you here. How’s everything with you ?
Joni : …..., thanks.
a) good b) it’s so bad c) I’m fine d) I’m very hungry
Answer: c) I’m fine

9. Citra wants to introduce Firza to her brother.
Citra: Firza, this my brother, Anton. And Anton this is Firza.
Anton to Firza: ….
a) Hi, nice to meet you b) Hi, nice to meet you to
c) Hi, I’m fine d) What’s your name
Answer: a) Hi, nice to meet you

10. Ryan: May I wish a cup of coffee
Raya: Okay, I will get one to you
Ryan: Thank you.
Raya : …..
a) ok b) don’t worry c) no, I don’t d) You’re welcome
Answer: d) you’re welcome

11. Porter : Ticket, please
Viewer: Here you are two for three
Porter : How old is your son ?
Viewer: Two years
Porter : Okay, actually it’s half-rate for children under five
Viewer: Thank you ….
Porter : Don’t mention it.
The correct sentence for above conversation is…..
a) Thank you b) No body c) Let’s go home d) You’re welcome
Answer: a) Thank you

12. Clerk : May I help you ?
Karen: Yes, may I give tissue
Clerk : Ok, don’t worry
Karen: ……
The correct sentence for above conversation is …..
a) don’t mention it b) you’re welcome c) take easy d) thank you
Answer: d) thank you

13. Rio : I don’t see your father yesterday ?
Nina: Yes, He was sick become he live at home
Rio : …..
a) I must apologize for what I said b) don’t worry
c) oh, thanks d) you’re welcome
Answer: a) I must apologize for what I said

14. Man : …… Where there a Bank ?
Woman: At the corner way
The correct sentence for above conversation is …..
a) Excuse me b) May I c) Could you d) Can you instruction
Answer: a) Excuse me

15. The synonym “apologize” is ?
a) I’m sorry b) don’t mention c) you’re welcome d) no, disturb
Answer: a) I’m sorry

1. We have been study english for two years (present perfect continuous tense)
Answer = b) study = studying

2. I going to school yesterday ( Simple present tense)
Answer : a) going = go

3. Lisa went to Bandung tomorrow. (simple past tense)
Answer : d) tomorrow = yesterday

4. We has been studying english for six years (present perfect continuous tense)
Answer : a) has been = have been

5. She have written ten letters (present perfect tense)
Answer : b) have = has

6. He went come if you ask him (Future Tense)
Answer : b) went = will

7. The Dahlans had been live in bogor ( Past Perfect Continuous tense )
Answer : c) lived = living

8. Next july, Rina will have graduating from SMA 25 jakarta ( Future Perfect Tense)
Answer : d) graduating = graduated

9. I am go to watch the news. (future tense)
Answer : b) go = going

10. Tomorrow Lisa had had breakfast, she went to school
Answer : a) tomorrow = after