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TOEFL Preparation

What is the TOEFL that?

TOEFL (Test of Home as a Foreign Language) is the TOEFL / Test Bahassa English as a Foreign Bahassa , is yangg exams measure your ability to speak, read, and in Bahassa bahasa at a college / university. The test is whether the best benchmark is one you are ready to attend college in an English speaking school. This test was developed and conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service) a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the United States and was first held in 1964. TOEFL score is usually one of the entry requirements in 2400 a number of universities in the United States, Canada and 80 other countries in the world (ETS: 1999).

Benefits of the TOEFL
TOEFL is Bahassa bahasa fluency assessments received by Lebihh than 6,000 institutions. You might think that this is in America / bahasa Kingdom, they actually spread in all the world in 110 countries. Nearly every university in the English-speaking countries like the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, & New Zealand, use the TOEFL to determine whether the point / non-language speakers of English can be accepted on their programs, receiving scholarships, / enter graduate school .
Another benefit of the TOEFL test proficiency Attas yangg bahasa Another is the fact that there Lebihh than 4,000 testing centers you can use. If you travel, you will save money because the test and can be completed within days.
Finally, this test gives you a benchmark bias your ability to speak bahasa. Score test anonymously, and there are interviews yangg entered as of the process. If you know Bahassa bahasa together well, you'll score with the good, and simple. TOEFL is to benchmark the best of your ability to succeed in college English Software
The ability of any tested in TOEFL test?
There are three parts of the TOEFL test to be done by test participants. The first part is the questions that measure the ability of Listening Comprehension in the number of 50 questions, Structure & Written Expression, 40 questions, and Reading Comprehension, 50 questions. The entire matter was made in the form of multiple choice (except for the Computer Based TOEFL test is a matter of the essay writing ability of participants in English and other variations to match the form of questions such as, to highlight certain words in connection with the main idea of a reading, etc..). The entire test takes place in time approximately 150 minutes, for the Paper and Pencil Based TOEFL, and approximately 240 minutes for the Computer Based TOEFL. A relatively long time for the Computer Based TOEFL tutorials are included procedures.
How many kinds of TOEFL test?
There are two types of TOEFL tests, ie
1) Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL, and
2) Computer-Based TOEFL.
Type the first TOEFL test is the TOEFL test that we know so far, where both questions and answers done by using paper and pencil. While the second type of TOEFL test is a relatively new test model because it was first introduced in 1998. As stated in its name, this test uses a computer in the delivery of and participant test because these tests also will answer via the computer.
In addition to the above two types of tests, whether there are other types of TOEFL test?
For the purposes of pre-selection or internal use of an institution, then the ETS as a developer and provider agency also conducts TOEFL TOEFL ITP (ITP = Institutional Testing Programme). The number of questions and level of difficulty did not differ with ITP TOEFL Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL and the Computer Based TOEFL, because the questions used in the TOEFL ITP TOEFL test is a matter that has been used before. Differences that need to be known by those who plan to follow the TOEFL test is that the score obtained dariTOEFL ITP in its use is limited. Universities and colleges in America, for example, will only accept scores from the TOEFL Paper and Pencil-Based or Computer Based TOEFL. Another difference is in terms of test cost. Currently, the cost of Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL and the Computer Based TOEFL is U.S. $ 110, while the TOEFL ITP is relatively cheaper cost of U.S. $ 25. There should also note that the Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL and the Computer Based TOEFL Test Center is only held in particular with the schedule of tests that have been determined in advance, while the TOEFL ITP implementation is more flexible schedule and in Indonesia is conducted by the IIEF (The Indonesian International Education Foundation) with coordinate with the central language in public universities.
In addition to TOEFL ITP, there is also a TOEFL Prediction / Equivalent Test that is usually used to estimate the TOEFL score before the relevant person take another TOEFL test (TOEFL Paper and Pencil-Based, Computer Based TOEFL, TOEFL ITP). Type Prediction TOEFL test is generally conducted by the institute / center language or places that hold training courses TOEFL.
Is there a difference in the scoring system based TOEFL Paper and Pencil, Computer Based TOEFL, ITP TOEFL and TOEFL Prediction Test?
True, rating or scoring system used for the Paper and Pencil BasedTOEFL, TOEFL ITP, TOEFL Prediction Test and Computer Based TOEFLmemang different.
This is done of course with the intention to avoid misunderstandings in the interpretation of test scores reported by participants. The range of scores used by the Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL, TOEFL ITP, danTOEFL Prediction Test is 310 (lowest score) up to 677 (highest score), whereas for the Computer Based TOEFL, the lowest value is 0 and the highest value of 300 (TOEFL Score User Guide, 2000-2001). About the overall level of difficulty for this type of course the same test, so it can be said those who obtain a score of 677 on the TOEFL Paper and Pencil Based expected to obtain a score of 300 on Computer Based TOEFL, and vice versa if a participant obtained a score of 213 tests in the TOEFL test that uses computer (Computer Based TOEFL), the corresponding score on the Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL is 550.
How is the relationship of scores obtained by the level of one's mastery of English?
In general, we recognize three levels of mastery of foreign languages, namely Basic Level (Elementary), Intermediate Level (Intermediate) and Advanced (Advanced). TOEFL score, experts typically classify the language of this score into the following four levels (Carson, et al., 1990):
• Elementary Level (Elementary): 310 sd 420
• Lower Secondary Level (Low Intermediate): 420 sd 480
• Secondary Level (High Intermediate): 480 sd 520
• Advanced (Advanced): 525 sd 677
From the classification score above, may arise if the test questions TOEFLdiberikan on American students, for example, whether they will have difficulty working on the TOEFL questions? Studies conducted by Johnson (1977) mentions that the average scores obtained by 173 first and second year students at the University of Tennessee, United States, is 628. That is, for English speakers themselves, the questions TOEFL can be done easily, as evidenced from which they obtained a score at the level of Proficient or Advanced.
By knowing the classification level of mastery of English, as seen above, we can certainly understand why it seems reasonable that universities in countries that use English as its official language, requires a certain TOEFL score for the candidate of their international students. To be accepted in S1, they commonly set score is approximately 475 sd 550, while for S2 and S3 program entry requirements TOEFLnya higher score is around 550 till 600.
Questions are often raised in discussion forums English teachers in Indonesia is what should be the mastery of English a student in Indonesia so they can add to scientific knowledge through reading, written in English? Mastery at the level of Primary (Elementary) would not contribute significantly to the students in Indonesia in terms of efforts to increase knowledge through textbooks / written knowledge in English. Required minimum mastery level of Senior Secondary (High Intermediate) so the students can absorb the course material is written in English with relative ease.
Several universities in Indonesia has set a certain TOEFL score for its students (Huda, 1999). In connection with efforts to improve the quality of college graduates, a regulation requiring college students have a mastery of the TOEFL to a certain extent is expected to have a positive impact and we should support. A good mastery of English are expected to increase the ability to think and work on a global level, the working conditions in the future we need to prepare from now.
When and where someone could take the TOEFL test?
Paper and Pencil-Based TOEFL and the Computer Based TOEFL can be taken only at a certain time that has been scheduled long before the test was held. Place or testing center where both tests are held also been determined by the ETS as tesTOEFL licensees. Both kinds of TOEFL tests are held on a specific testing center tsb.also called the International TOEFL. This is intended to distinguish between them with ITP TOEFL and TOEFL Equivalent / Prediction.
As for the ITP TOEFL, test participants should contact the institution that has been designated by the IIEF Jakarta as a place of execution. For the implementation of the ITP TOEFL is required of participants at least 10 people. Unmul Language Institute since 2001 is one institution that has the right conduct TOEFL ITP.
Type of TOEFL test Prediction / Equivalent is the most flexible type of test implementation. In the Hall of Languages Unmul, this test also a test of the most widely followed by those who want to measure mastery of English for various purposes. Every time the test participant can take the test by contacting Hall of Languages Unmul at least one day before the day of operation.

What is the TOEIC test?
"TOEIC" stands for Test of Home for International Communication. TOEIC test is an English proficiency test for people who native language is not English. TOEIC test scores indicate how well people can communicate in English with others in the global work environment. The test requires no specialized knowledge or vocabulary, these tests only measure the kind of English used in everyday activities.
TOEIC test is a proficiency test in English that's leading the world in the context of the global work environment. More than 4,000 companies around the world use the TOEIC test, and more than 2 million people registered to take this test every year.
Like what format TOEIC ® test?
TOEIC test is a test of multiple choice, paper and pencil for two hours which consists of 200 questions divided into two parts separate times:
Part I: Listening Comprehension
This section consists of 100 questions and is divided into four sections. Test participants heard a recording of statements, questions, short conversations, and a brief explanation, then answer questions based on segments of hearing. The Listening section takes approximately 45 minutes.
Part 1: Photographs
Part 2: Questions and Response
Part 3: Short Conversations
Part 4: Short Talks 20 items (4 - choice)
30 items (3-choice)
30 items (4-choice)
20 items (4-choice)
Part II: Reading
The Reading section consists of 100 questions presented in written format in the test booklet. Participants read various materials and answer questions based on their own pace according to the reading material itself. Entire sections requires 75 minutes reading.
Part 5: Incomplete Sentences 40 items (4-choice)
Part 6: Error Recognition 20 items (4-choice)
Part 7: Reading Comprehension 40 items (4-choice)
Participants answered questions by marking one of the letters (A), (B), (C), (D) with a pencil on the answer to a separate valley. Although the actual testing time is approximately two hours of extra time it takes participants to complete the biographical questions on the answer sheet and respond to a brief questionnaire about their education and work history.
What are the contents of the TOEIC test?
TOEIC test is designed to meet the needs of the working world. Test questions are developed from examples of spoken and written language collected from various countries around the world where English is used in the workplace. Test questions and the atmosphere contains many different situations, such as:
• General business - contracts, negotiations, marketing, sales, business planning, conferences.
• Manufacturing - plant management, assembly lines, pengandalian quality.
• Finance and budgeting - banking, investment, taxation, accounting, billing
• Corporate development - research, product development.
• Offices - board meetings, committees, correspondence, memoranda, telephone, fax, and messages e-mail, equipment and office furniture, office procedures.
• Personnel - receiving, hiring, pension, salaries, promotions, job applications, advertising.
• Purchasing - shopping, ordering supplies, deliveries, invoices
• Technical areas - electronics, technology, specifications, buying and renting, electric and gas service.
• Travel - trains, planes, taxis, buses, ships, ferries, tickets, schedules, announcements stations and airports, car rental, hotel, reservations, delays and delays.
• Dining out - business and informal lunches, banquets, receptions, restaurant reservations.
• Entertainment - cinema, theater, music, art, media
• Health-medical insurance, visiting doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals.

A prospective regular employees must have a minimum TOEIC score of 400. While a prospective manager should at least have a TOEIC score of 800.
Someone who has a TOEIC score 405-600, for example, in listening to be able to understand explanations related to routine daily tasks, understand the announcements during the trip and mengusai limited social conversations. In this talk could explain kerj responsibility adan academic background as well as a discussion about the project in the past and the future. While in the case of reading still need a dictionary to understand the technical documents. And lastly in terms of writing people who have intermediate level was able to write a short memo, letter of complaint and fill out a simple application form.