Minggu, 14 November 2010

Disaster victims

JAKARTA - The data observed from the Center for Communications Ministry of Health, to Thursday (11/11) afternoon, the victim died from the eruption of Mount Merapi, reaching 198 people. Where 163 died in Sleman, 17 at Magelang, 15 in Klaten and three in Boyolali.

While the refugees until the last monitored totaled 303,233 persons. And most are in Magelang district as many as 82,994 people. Observed when these refugees scattered in ten districts of the city, including Bantul, Kendal, Purworejo and Wonosobo.

Established health posts increased again to 442 posts compared to the previous day as many as 440 postal. The majority of health posts located in Central Java and Yogyakarta as many as 362 post Shebaniah 80 posts.

To help victims of trim, also established three field hospitals which are all located in Magelang. Jogjakarta Health Department and the Ministry of Health is also strengthening against the Sardjito Hospital in serving the victims of disaster.

Tsunami Mentawai While the victims died in the tsunami Mentawai to Thursday (11/11) afternoon recorded 448 dead. While 40 others remain hospitalized. Refugees numbered 7362 persons. While health officials continue to monitor environmental health, including spraying disinfectant.

This time already built 20 temporary shelters (huntara) for tsunami victims Wasior Wondama Bay Mentawai.

To build huntara Marines deployed 400 troops, 400 Kodam UB, 150 and 200 assistance territorial persons from the community. Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare hope this will further accelerate the development huntara

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