Minggu, 14 November 2010

Flash Flood Victims do not forget Wasior

Merapi and overwhelmed by the tsunami disaster in the Mentawai, many people forget the thousands of Wasior, Wondama Bay Regency, Papua, which is still living in refugee camps suffer.

Floods that swept Wasior on 4 October, in addition to killing hundreds of people there, also ravage their homes and possessions.

Some refugees, hoping to end their suffering. In place of refuge provided by the government, thousands of refugees now can not do anything about it except just enjoy the food perfunctory.
They now wait for the government to realize its promise to immediately normalize the wheel of life residents devastated by the flooding. A number of officials, both at central and regional levels, often reveals that the government would rebuild the destroyed facilities housing residents.

Thousands of displaced people is still in two refugee camps, namely in the courtyard Training Center (VTC), West Papua province and field Makodim 1703 Manokwari.

Based on observations, the condition of the refugees in a number of houses 6 x 6 meters in the area of West Papua BLK still better when compared with those who live in tents Makodim. They overheat due to hot sun and cold wind hit night. The air gets colder if heavy rains come.

Many of those affected by the disease, including malaria. Fortunately, the medical team ready 24 hours. The children there are still traumatized. However, various approaches done by volunteers so that they gradually got over the disaster.

In a number of camps available cable television as an entertainment and information to refugees. Alas sleep in each tent camps using thick boards covered with tarpaulins and mats, while the pillow is to use cloth. "Equipment is very limited, but we understand, though not as good as if sleeping in their own homes," said Silvanus Waney, 34, of Kampung Wasior Two.

The victims Wasior obtain food rations three times a day. "But it was a week of children's milk supply, baby pacifiers, and milk for pregnant women and nursing is no longer available," added Waney.
A mother, Dimara, 40, revealed his son had some today who still ailing toddler. "I want to get back to Wasior. But how yes, my house was severely damaged. We ask the government would immediately improve our homes," he said.
Camp Coordinator Kodim 1703 Manokwari, Sena Aji Bagus Dwi Handoko, explaining the stock of rice, mineral water, and vegetables in the soup kitchen is also thinning.
Director for Disaster Reduction National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said, most of the total 9016 refugee Wasior will relocate to new settlements in the plains Inyora Naikere which is about 7 km from Wasior. The government concluded Wasior City could no longer be maintained as an ideal residential location for residents.

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