Senin, 15 November 2010

make your eyes stay healthy

To make your eyes stay healthy and can see something obvious and clear for both near and far distances should do the following:

1. Watching Television Never Too Close
Safe distance to watch television I think it was 2 meters for tv sizes 14 inches. For a wider screen automatic distance further. Catch a movie screen should also be taking a very back seat.

2. Work / Play Computer Never Too Old
Get used to give time to Work in front of a computer screen. For example, every 15 or 30 minutes once a rest to see that far away for five to ten minutes for your eyes are not always in a state of tension due to see the screen with a very close distance.

3. Playing Video Games Never Too Close
Children nowadays many are indifferent to the health of the eye. It can be seen by many who play ps / playstation or other similar games Vido close to the tv screen. Better get used to scold children who play games too close. The distance is similar to point number 1 above.

4. Reading Books
Safe distance reading is 30 cm. If too close to create eye strain and lead to nearsightedness in the long term. Reading books is also not allowed while sleeping. Lighting must also be sufficient even for example with bright neon lights. Thus eye health will remain intact.

5. Avoid Dust And Pollution
For those of you who often move on the highway such as motorcycle taxi drivers, policemen, police Cepek, thugs, public transportation drivers, couriers, etc. should use protective eyewear such as goggles and helmets that look in the mirror. Avoid dust that enter the eye because it can make the eyes so the infection and makes the eyes with cataracts.

6. Eat Nutritious Food, fiber and vitamin A
The eyes need the intake of substances that are nutritious and adequate vitamins in order to maintain the condition of keep fit. Get used to eating foods that are fibrous and have adequate nutrient content. You can also take supplements or mekanan containing vitamin A eperti carrots, avocado, tomato, papaya, and so forth.

Keep your eye health so that you do not torment of having to wear glasses constantly. With healthy eyes you have plenty of opportunities to penetrate the health tests that require your eyes healthy. Call your doctor each time you have a problem with the eye. Good luck.

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